About The Photographer

I live Off-Grid, in the Maine wilderness with my husband, Paul and son, Joshua. My love and appreciation of nature allows me to capture my observances of the most pronounced to the most subtle beauties that Mother Nature has to offer.   Many of my photographs were taken by simply peering through a slightly opened camp door, or a short distance from our camp or home.

How can one not take such pictures when surrounded by such beauty?"
- Lori-Ann

Lori-Ann is always seen with her camera,  sometimes, taking hundreds of photographs a day, discarding 99% of them. She has been known to actually stand in the snow barefoot, lay in mud and water, out in such weather as a 'nor'easter blizzard, literally chasing wild bears through the woods with her own barefeet, holding such creatures as birds and chipmunks in her hands, and laying down in streams to get just the right angle needed for the photo she hopes will capture the beauty or uniqueness of nature.  She has been asked if she has  a camera attached to her eye, as she seems to see things in nature that many people simply overlook.  Lori-Ann almost never goes swimming without a set of snorkel gear or her underwater camera, spending hours relaxing and floating in hopes of capturing a photo to share with others...a picture of something exceptional or curious.

It seems that Lori-Ann will stop at nothing if she feels there is a photo opportunity.  Sitting outside without weapons, in the cold, watching a wild black bear stalk her, raccoons coming just a few inches from her face, and peering under woodland debris with her camera is what Lori-Ann calls fun!   Her husband rightfully gets annoyed at times.  When she has a camera in her hand, she will approach anything.  A good example is when they call moose during the fall rut (mating season).  When the moose is heard approaching, thrashing through the woods in their direction, instead of staying near the vehicle for protection, Lori-Ann heads toward the approaching moose.  This is something you do not want to do during mating season. 

As recently as March 2009, Lori-Ann suffered from a snowmobile accident trying to reach an ice cavern upon the edge of a lake when her snowmobile flipped.  She suffered from broken bones and a broken snowmobile as a result of her attempts.  Despite that, with the aid of her husband, they uprighted her sled and her broken body, she then worked her way to the cavern, just to find it was no longer approachable due to her injuries.